Welcome to my guide “Idle Heroes Game – Best of heroes”, I hope that this guide will help every reader, remember that this is my opinion and different people they vary.

The easiest way to create a good team is to choose one hero from each faction, then you get the command “Mixed colors” (+ 10% attack and + 10% HP).

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The types of characters and information: In my opinion, it’s top idle heroes best 4 star heroes in the game

  1. Tanks: (Tank) — High-level armor is pretty common in every team.
  2. Healers: (Healers) to Treat the team.
  3. Burst Heroes: (Explosive) — Hits like a tank, you die quickly, as they lack armor or life.

Deadly heroes:

  1. Lutz (Luntz) is a Good character against the wizards, so he’s got the nickname MAG-destroyer.
  2. Dominator (Dominator) — One of the best in the early game, I advise you to take it if you just started to play.
  3. Kharma (Kharma) Is My favorite character, is very tenacious as IMBA.
  4. Nightmare Knight (Knight of nightmares) — Another tank is very powerful.
  5. Glen (Glen) is a Pretty good healer, but it has quite good DMG.
  6. Grumpy Corpse (Angry dead) — a Mini version of the Dominator to a large extent.

Warriors water:

  1. Ormus (Ormus) — Very good heals, in time of the battle.
  2. Mirage (Mirage) — Deals large damage and a large amount of HP (Lives).
  3. Bleecker (Bleecker) — Helps to stun opponents and to increase the protection of the front.
  4. Honor Guard (honor guard) — With lots of health and decent strength.
  5. Iron Bambi (Bambi Iron) — basically take to strengthen.
  6. Sierra (Mountain range) — the Ability of the character to freeze, I recommend using together with the magician during the battle.


  1. Dantalian (Dantalian) — Healing is a strong defense.
  2. Lord Balrog (Lord Balrog) — a Spell for this hero for the first level is very powerful — it’s a dream and a dream for a warrior.
  3. Karim (Karim) — a Surprising killer, ability 5th level — that’s what makes this hero amazing, the details you learn when you reach level 5.
  4. Immolatus (Immolate) — basically like a tank with the reduction of DMG, not too big, but good.
  5. Tanner (Tanner) — a Large number of lives self-healing character.


  1. Groo (GRU) — Excellent protection, viability, and counter the attack.
  2. Dragon Slayer — the incredible, based in Crete.
  3. Demon Hunter (a Hunter of demons) – a Great warrior who has awesome crits, and one of my heroes.
  4. Zekkis (Zakkis) – Restores health.

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