Zoom CEO Promises to Fix Security Issues

In response to widespread criticism of the app, Zoom founder and CEO Eric Yuan has appeared on CNN today, admitting that the team "moved too fast" and "had some missteps". These words relate to the past few weeks when the relatively unpopular videoconferencing platform has seen a massive increase of daily usage – from about 10 million users in December to more than 200 million now.

All these millions of people from all over the world have started using Zoom to stay in contact with each other during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown. The app, however, wasn't ready for this kind of public attention. Lots of users have faced privacy and security issues, including Zoombombing, a kind of online harassment, where unwanted intruders would access their private meetings.

The storm of criticism has forced the company to pause all planned feature updates for three months and to focus on fixing the known security issues instead. "We've learned our lessons," Yuan assured CNN's Brian Stelter. This is not the first time Zoom CEO apologizes publicly and promises to deal with the issues: earlier he told ‘Wall Street Journal’ about his "obligation to win the users' trust back."

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