5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Focus

Staying productive and fighting procrastination is not an easy task – but it seems to be even harder these days. And if you can’t help but feel distracted and anxious, don’t worry – there are lots of people who feel the same, and there are lots of proven focus fixers for you to use. These methods will help you build an integral vision of your future, allowing to distinguish really important things from time-wasters that make you achieve nothing.

When you’re confined to your home, you start losing your motivation little by little – your future is so distant it feels almost nonexisting, and your social contacts are too far to remain positive. It’s just a matter of time before you start questioning every aspect of your life, asking yourself – what’s the point of staying fit, anyway? Or what’s the point of eating healthy? That’s exactly the time when the methods we’re going to talk about can help you.

Focus On Your Feelings

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Our desires tend to be material, don’t they? Your future house is definitely material – and so is that best-selling book you probably hope to write some day, or the car you want to buy. These things are material, and that’s exactly why we try to motivate ourselves by visualizing them as explicitly as it’s possible, using vision boards or just our imagination. That really helps to stay motivated – but any material images will fade away when you don’t really know how to reach them.

Instead, try to focus on your feelings related to those images. How would it feel to have that dream job? How would it feel to have millions of dollars? How would it feel to live in that house you can’t stop thinking about? Let that feeling embrace you entirely, and then return to it throughout your day, so it doesn’t grow distant. After all, it’s feelings that we truly desire, and those material things are no more than mere means of attaining them.

Focus On Your Victories

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Self-isolation makes it rather difficult to stay equally productive during the day, and by the time you end it, it may feel like you’ve done nothing useful. While this feeling is usually not true, it can have a negative impact on your mood – and your self-esteem, creating a vicious circle of becoming less productive and less satisfied with each passing day. That means there has to be some way to prevent that one-sided, depressing vision, and you can actually do that by focusing on your victories.

Even the most useless, completely wasted day has something you can be proud of. It can be as small as you want it to be, like 15 minutes of exercising, or one little chore. Anything goes, because there has to be something to start with. And then you can do a little bit more each day, making yourself an enthusiastic and productive person again. So don’t forget to remember all of your victories, no matter how small and insignificant they may look to you now.

Focus On Your Discipline

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The radical change of your everyday life the lockdown has brought can be truly devastating, making you feel disoriented and lost. Actually, that change doesn’t even have to be that radical – you may have just stopped getting up early or getting dressed before starting your work, and that’s enough to have a negative impact on your focus and productivity. That means you need to be even more attentive to any disorder in your life than before if you want to retain your discipline.

That means you have to hold on to your good habits. Don’t stop eating healthy, exercise the same way you’d normally do, and don’t forget to keep in touch with your friends and family, even if only by using some video chats app. But that doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice your work and chores to those social events – try to maintain a healthy balance between different aspects of your life, and there is a chance you’ll be even more productive after the lockdown ends.

Focus On Helping Others

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Despite your attempts to keep a positive outlook on your life, there will probably be times when you may feel trapped, anxious, tired, or hopeless. But what you should do is try to move your focus a bit in order to get a broader picture. Think about doctors and nurses fighting for peoples’ lives, and then take a look around you – there’s a good chance somebody needs your help. And helping others will definitely help you feel better about yourself and the reality as a whole.

And if you can’t help anyone directly, think about your work – as long as you get paid for it, some people must really need it. So remaining productive is almost as important as helping others directly so you can actually make a contribution by sticking to your purpose, it’s as simple as that. Well, and keeping in touch with your friends is good not only for you, but also for them, don’t forget about it.

Focus On Being Grateful

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The last productivity technique we have here suggests that you start practicing gratitude. There may be not that much to be grateful for nowadays – you’ve lost your freedom, your work, and there is a good chance you’re going to lose your health and a good portion of your finances. Even if that’s true, you still should find something to be grateful for. Such an attitude will allow you to see good chances around you and possibilities to start something new.

We’ve talked about keeping your good habits, but this is all about adopting new habits and starting a couple of new projects. If you’ve never practiced gratitude before, you’ll be surprised to find out the power of this simple trick. Just create a list of things you are grateful for, and instead of counting all the bad things that have happened to you since the lockdown started, you’ll find lots of positive ways of looking at your circumstances. And then you can use it to cheer others up – isn’t that great?

Staying Focused

Summing up, you should try to focus on your feelings, think about your victories, keep your habits, look for any ways you can help others, and remain grateful – however hard it may be. These focus fixers are not a magic pill, instead, they help you turn your mind to possibilities, not problems.

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